Meet Dr. Redd

Dr. Vernon S. Redd, DC, APC, ACN

Dr. Redd has provided natural, holistic health care to Albuquerque residents and people around the United States for over 30 years.  He has continually pursued an intensive ongoing study of clinical nutrition with master clinicians and experts in alternative and nutritional health care.  He attends several seminars each year in order to keep up with current research and discoveries in the field of health, nutrition and pain management.

Dr. Redd received his Advance Practice Certification in the state of New Mexico in 2009, qualifying him as one of the few chiropractic physicians in the country to offer advanced pain treatment injection therapies, including Biopuncture, Neural Therapy and Prolotherapy.  In 1996 he completed a four year course of study in Clinical Neurology with the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies, through the Logan College of Chiropractic. He is an Advanced Clinical Training (ACT) graduate of the Ulan Nutrition System and a graduate of the Kalish Institute in functional medicine.  He is certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition by the Texas Chiropractic College.  He has been a Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture since 1984.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Communications from Brigham Young University, Dr. Redd completed his doctoral education at the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Through the years Dr. Redd has studied with the following organizations and physicians:

  • Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology – Neural Therapy
  • International Academy of Physiological Regulating Medicine – Mesotherapy Injection Methods
  • Ulan Nutrition Systems – Advanced Practice Certified
  • American Academy of Musculoskeletal Medicine – Prolotherapy training
  • Hemwall-Hackett Foundation in Madison Wisconsin – Prolotherapy training
  • Dr. Jeff Harris of Bastyr University – Neural Therapy training
  • Dr. Jan Kershot, MD, founder of Biopuncture therapies
  • Dr. John Lyftogt, MD, founder of Neuralprolotherapy therapies
  • Dr. Dan Pompa and Health Centers of the Future – training in Cellular Healing
  • National University of Health Sciences  – Advanced Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy (herbal medicine) and Toxicology
  • Dr. Brandon N. Lundell – Advanced Laboratory Diagnosis
  • Dr. Stuart White – The Practice of Rational Intervention and Wholistic Nutrition
  • Dr. John Brimhall, Dr. Michael Dobbins, Dr. Bruce Bond, Dr. Jeannette Birnbach and others – mastering the principles of clinical nutrition using traditional dietary concepts and nutritional supplement and herbal therapies