Albuquerque’s Nutrition and Health Center Provides a Functional Path to Health

Nutritional maintenance is critical to your health!
January 8, 2015

Albuquerque’s Nutrition and Health Center Provides a Functional Path to Health

By Elisha Neubauer

Dr. Vernon S Redd found his way to medicine in quite a different manner. Always having been interested in food and health as it was, Dr. Redd was actually drawn to the study of the practice after having watched his mother suffer from colitis for many years. Unfortunately, in Dr. Redd’s mother’s case, traditional medicine failed, catapulting him into the study of alternative medicine.

“Seeing how much my mother suffered over the years, the serious impact her health problems had on our entire family, and the complete failure of traditional medicine to help her, I believe was a major motivation for my going in to alternative health care,” explained Dr. Redd. “I don’t want to see others suffer needlessly as she did.”

Dr. Redd utilizes a form of practice called Functional Medicine, offering natural, holistic health care to the Albuquerque area. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication, a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He is certified in clinical neurology, Applied Clinical Nutrition, Biopuncture, Neural Therapy, and Prolotherapy. “The overall mission of my practice is to provide effective and affordable health solutions that create true healing, greater health and wellness and that are effective alternatives to the use of surgery or drugs,” Dr. Redd states. His purpose is to help people to truly get well and then continue to stay well throughout their life.

One of the major beliefs of Dr. Redd’s practice, the Nutrition and Health Center, is that the body functions best when the ‘Eight Pillars of Health’ are performing at its best. “When we restore normal function to the affected systems, the symptoms, and disease correct of their own volition,” details Dr. Redd. He implies that this is the truest method of preventative care, stating that if the person is proactive in maintaining optimal function of these eight pillars, they will be much more accomplished in preventing diseases.

“Most of the diseases that kill us today are preventable and even when you acquire one, they can very often be reversed, using the principles of Functional Medicine,” Dr. Redd affirms.

When it comes to his successes in practice, Dr. Redd attributes it to the focus his facility takes. At the Nutrition and Health Center, Dr. Redd and his team focus on the body’s systems rather than the disease or symptom. He utilizes his knowledge in Advanced Practice to treat pain and other health problems in a unique, non-invasive way.

Dr. Redd wants to ensure clients understand the difference between the Nutrition and Health Center and other general practices. “People should also know that while many doctors use parts of Functional Medicine as an adjunct to their main focus, Functional Medicine is my primary tool and the focus of my practice.”

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