Chiropractic & Neurology

With extensive training in clinical neurology, Dr. Redd brings a unique and in-depth understanding and perspective to chiropractic therapy in the Albuquerque NM area. Chiropractic is a neurological therapy that helps to restore the functional integrity of the nervous system. Because the nervous system controls all of the body’s functions, chiropractic can have a powerful positive effect on restoring health in a wide range of health conditions. This form of therapy has been used by healers for hundreds of years, though Chiropractic has been around as a profession only since 1897.
Chiropractic is best known for its success in treating pain problems such as headaches, muscle and joint pain, back and neck pain, but it can also have a great effect on allergies, asthma, digestive disorders, earaches, bed wetting and other disorders. Chiropractic therapy in Albuquerque NM by Dr. Redd helps many conditions aside from pain problems.
Chiropractic therapy has a direct and powerful effect on the brain, helping to restore and maintain the proper balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. All functions of the body are influenced by the brain and nervous system. When one side of the brain is weaker than the other a functional neurological imbalance may develop, negatively impacting overall health.

How to Check Your Own Brain Balance

You can check your own brain function balance with a simple test.
While the lack of body rotation is not an absolute indicator that your brain and nervous system are functioning as they should, this simple test and can indicate if a brain imbalance may be present.